About Us


       Time gone with the years, the space is boundless.

Xintong’s staff have worked hard and made continuous progress. With everyone’s care and support, Xintong has gradually grown into a professional green energy solution provider and system service provider for more than 20 years.Xintong always keep improving and pursuing of excellence on product. As a national key new product,Xintong’s MPPT solar power supply system has spread all over China and served all over the world.Xintong’s new energy intelligent power system solution has also made an important contribution to human low-carbon life,energy saving and emission reduction.

Xintong’s staff do not forget the mission, integrity-based, new and refined. Focus on the research and development of energy-saving, high-quality and efficient green energy products, and provide quality products and services to the community. 

Hereby on behalf of the board of directors of the company, I would like to thank customers and partners for their long-term trust and support, and all employees and their families for their support and dedication. Let’s join hands side by side to protect the green hills, green water, blue sky and white clouds of the global village.