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The course of development:


     In 2019, high-quality, stable and energy-saving high-voltage modules are mass produced, and the company’s management has stepped onto a new level.


     In 2018, the moving ring monitoring and battery charge and discharge management and control system were successfully developed, and the 50KW microgrid system in Hotan Pishan County, Xinjiang was in stable operation.


     In 2017, the 20th anniversary of Sintong launched a set of intelligent integrated new energy solutions to adapt to “extremely cold and remote areas”. The scheme starts from the storage battery insulation, modular combination, multi-level backup, high energy utilization, various energy on-line complementary use, remote monitoring system to the site load management and control (power-off control and protection system backup) and other aspects to solve the application of technology in practice.


     In 2015, Xintong brand won the trust of customers in the international market and established deep cooperative relations with customers in Russia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brazil, Ecuador and other countries.


     In 2014, the company moved from Rongxin Road to Xintong Science and Technology Industrial Park, a new hot-swappable modular power supply came out, and the global online operation of Xintong integrated solar power supply system exceeded 25500 sets, and the online remote monitoring system tracked the operation of the system at any time.


     In 2012, the famous trademark of Shaanxi Province was successfully registered, Xintong brand solar intelligent power control module was recognized as Shaanxi famous brand products, and Xintong solar energy system entered the emerging markets for the first time in southern Africa, Somalia, Iran, Peru, Turkey and Brazil. there are more than 2000 green base stations in foreign markets.


     In 2010, actively expand the international market, solar water pump systems and intelligent power control systems are exported to Southeast Asian countries, and in July 2010 signed a large strategic cooperation agreement with customers in Pakistan. The construction of Xintong Science and Technology Industrial Park with an investment of 120 million will be started.


     In 2008, the company obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certification and EU CE certificate. In the collection and acquisition activities of China Mobile solar power generation equipment, Xintong has created the only outstanding achievement of the supplier of three bids in the country, and has frequently won by virtue of its technical advantages in the provincial tenders of China Telecom and China Unicom. It has cumulatively provided nearly 2000 sets of green energy power supply equipment to the three major communication operators.


  In 2007, the company successfully developed the first communication base intelligent controller with solar maximum power tracking (MPPT) structure, which passed the rigorous test of the post and telecommunications industry product quality supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of Information Industry, won the national patent and enterprise standard record, and the technical index reached or even exceeded the level of similar foreign products.


   In 2003, the solar intelligent power supply independently developed by the company won the Shaanxi Science and Technology Achievement Award and Xi’an Science and Technology Award, and the company became the first batch of “high-tech enterprises” recognized by the Science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Province.


     In 1997, the company was established, the first solar power supply was successfully developed and became a qualified supplier of solar power in China Post and Telecommunications.