Customer’s full name: Eco Friendly Tower Co., Ltd.

      EFT is the largest local private tower merchant in Myanmar and a subsidiary of the YIG Group. Since the establishment and involved in communications industry, EFT has a good business cooperation with our company. Up to now, we have supplied more than 500 sets of power systems and 300 sets of control systems to EFT, which are widely used in telecom stations in Myanmar. The power supply system provided by our company to EFT is a switching power supply system, which can be connected to four telecom operators and suitable for lead-acid, lead-carbon and lithium-ion batteries, which is also very suitable for the environment where there are a large number of operators in the Burmese market, no commercial electricity in rural areas and the electricity is unstable.

Oil and Gas Project of China- Uzbekistan Pipeline

      The China- Uzbekistan natural gas pipeline starts from Gadaim on the Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan border and ends in Hajenkuduk on the Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan border. The gas sources come from Turkmenistan Kangzen gas field (Line A) and PetroChina Amhe Natural Gas Company (Line B). The length of the main pipeline of Line C is 530km. The SCADA system of the whole line includes two compressor stations and one metering station. Among the 23 monitoring valve rooms, Xintong undertook the construction of solar power supply systems for 4 of the 23 RTU block valve stations in 2013. the 4 block valve stations were equipped with photovoltaic machines with large capacity, all above 30KW, and adopted Xintong newly developed optoelectronic integrated control cabinets with a total design capacity of more than 2000A and two standard cabinet widths of 1.2m wide. The development, assembly and installation of the whole system took less than 3 months, which fully reflects the innovative R & D and system integration capability of Xintong Company.

Xintong successfully installed the unique sample communication base station in India that does not rely on oil.


       In February 2012, the optoelectronic complementary communication power supply provided by Xintong for Indian communication operators was successfully opened, and the equipment adopted the on-line complementary power supply mode of solar energy-battery (above the limited threshold)-commercial grid-storage battery (limited value). Zero switching without delay provides reliable, convenient and economical green and environmentally friendly power for the stable work of communication equipment in the harsh and complex city power supply environment. Since the opening and operation, there has been no outage of the station, and the battery capacity has always been maintained at more than 65%, saving operating costs by more than 90% compared with the previous period, exceeding customer expectations, and solving problems that have not been solved by many cooperative manufacturers in the past, and customers are very satisfied.

       Shaanxi Xintong will transform the commercial grid electricity + battery + D.G complementary base station into the city electricity + solar energy + battery complementary base station. The reformed system has the following advantages:

     Solar MPPT patented technology is adopted to maximize the use of photovoltaic energy. And has an integrated optoelectronic control system, using solar energy-battery (above the limited threshold)-city electricity-battery (limit) on-line complementary power supply mode, zero switching without delay to ensure the maximum utilization of photovoltaic energy.

     Wide-width city electricity work, reliable output of 220V AC to ensure the safe operation of AC-DC rectifier equipment;

     Comprehensive monitoring and management, the system can be set parameters, operating data, working environment video can be remotely monitored and adjusted.

     Free of maintenance fees, green, pollution-free, noise-free.

At present, Xintong has installed more than 20000 solar power supply systems in the fields of communications, meteorology, earthquake, surveying and mapping, with a maximum operation time of more than 15 years. This Indian base station is the 20114th solar power station.

1.36MW Distributed PV Anti-poverty Project

       The photovoltaic anti- poverty project, located in Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, was built in 2016. It is the first megawatt-level distributed photovoltaic power generation project which constructed by Xintong company as EPC package. The total installed capacity of the project is reaching to 1.36MW, more than 4000 pcs 315WP high-efficienty monocrystalline solar modules are put into use, the solar array is located by GPS, the foundation pit is excavated with spiral rod equipment designed by our technical staff, and the traditional photovoltaic grid-tied bracket is installed in series,the measurement of cable trench digging and cable laying are very accurate , the project uses 24 units of inverters, two AC junction cabinets, and box-type transformers with SVG power compensation for grid access. The construction period of the whole project is about 60 days, with low construction cost and high efficiency. Since the completion of the construction, the project has run normally with high power generation efficiency, and has won win the favorable comment of customers.

Application case of solar off-grid energy storage invertering integrated system.

       The Rural Highway Administration of Shangzhou District, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province has entrusted our Division to transform and upgrade the whole section of Daoluohong Road in the rural highway county of Shangzhou District. Among them, there is no lighting facilities in Hongtuling tunnel, which affects the normal traffic of the road, and there are great hidden dangers in safety. In order to eliminate the hidden dangers of safety, Xintong company, with the strong support and help of the Agriculture Administration, carried out on-the-spot investigation, combined with the on-site situation, in view of the fact that there is no electric transformer equipment near the Hongtuling Tunnel, ordinary power tunnel lighting system has a series of problems, such as high initial installation cost, high cost when put into use and etc. We give a reasonable and efficient solar power lighting solution. Using the high-voltage solar power supply system, the battery is charged and stored after solar conversion, and the back-end load is inverted and transmitted to the tunnel lighting facilities, which successfully solves the new energy power supply of the tunnel lighting and indicator equipment.

       The length of Hongtuling Tunnel is 315m. The lighting system adopts LED lights for all-weather uninterrupted work, with pedestrian lighting in the cave as the standard, advanced light sensing system, light intensity automatically adjusted according to the change of external environment brightness, solar panel group installation, Xintong common source rectifier solar two-in-one power supply system, the battery capacity is configured according to the backup time of at least 3 days (72 hours), that is, in a harsh environment, the load supported by the battery can run for up to 72 hours to ensure the normal lighting in the tunnel. Inside and outside the tunnel is not only brightened and beautified, but also the traffic capacity is more safe and effective, making every effort to provide better traffic guarantee for the broad masses of people to travel safely and help get rid of poverty.

POC from Xintong to The biggest MNO in Siri Lanka

       As a major player in telecommunication power industry, XinTong Intelligent provides reliable, integrated, intelligent and cost-effective hybrid power solutions to worldwide operators in various environment.

       In 2017,Xintong company successfully provided several hybrid power solutions as Proof of Concept (POC) for Dialog Aixata in accordance to the rendered Telecom BTS site. The POC included high efficiency rectifier system and MPPT solar controller, advanced cycle performance battery, outdoor enclosure suitable for all environment condition and intelligent monitoring system.

       Up to now,according to client’s feedback,the telecom BTS site are running very well without any problems.Again it’s the proof of Xintong’s excellent service capability.