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      Xintong cabinet-type integrated telecom and energy hybrid power system is widely used in more than 30 countries and regions.There are large-scale and longtime applications in the coldest, hottest, wettest, driest, plateau, desert, island and other complex environment.We provide stable and reliable power supply for telecom 、monitoring and other base station electrical equipment.

Powerful environment

The system is perfectly adapted to the harsh environment

Refined battery management

Even charge management of MV battery

Multi level dual backup

Modular design, multi-level double backup program design


System structure diagram





      The system can supply reliable and continuous 24VDC power to the telecom, instrument, automatic control, cathode protection, valve, lighting, detection devices in oil and gas pipeline distribution valve room and monitoring valve room.

Energy complementarity

Automatically coordinate the energy proportion of each part

Three remote functions

SCADA system for remote transmission of station process while storing local data

Dual backup

The failure or damage of any module will not stop the power supply of the system and affect the floating charge management of the battery


System structure diagram




      This system is suitable for the border garrison stations with AC220V domestic power / AC380V power supply without power supply. The communication base stations and border garrison areas in remote no man-made areas need stable and reliable electric energy, so as to ensure the long-term online equipment of border defense stations, complete the efficient collection, transmission and utilization of information, so as to realize all-weather monitoring, constantly monitor border defense dynamics, and effectively ensure the security of border areas. At the same time, the life of the officers and soldiers in remote posts also needs the support of stable electric energy, including the use of living appliances and communication equipment.

       The construction of micro grid photovoltaic power supply system at Xintong border garrison station can fully provide stable and reliable power supply for domestic electricity and power facilities, and meet the increasing power demand while ensuring economic investment and operation and maintenance cost control, and at the same time ensure the stability and reliability of power consumption.

Dynamic tuning

Dynamically adjust the access of non critical loads, ensure the use of critical loads, reduce the number of emergency starts of oil engine, maintain the use of battery, and reduce the operation, maintenance and use cost, so as to make the system operate more reliably.

Remote control

The system supports on-site and remote control and adjustment of working parameters of each power module

Energy complementarity

The energy of the upper level is insufficient, and the insufficient part is automatically supplemented by the lower level to ensure the timely and appropriate use of battery energy


System structure diagram




      XT Micro grid power solution is based on the Distributed Generation technology. It can make the power quality management modularized and decentralized, integrate power operation on the source and load.

High efficiency

Efficient conversion of input energy


Intelligent load management system ensures priority and efficient use of renewable energy

Safe and stable

The system can operate continuously, stably, safely and reliably all year round


System structure diagram


Energy Storage System Solutions

       The integrated solution of solar energy storage and charging achieves the basic balance between local energy production and electric loads through energy storage and optimal allocation. By “self-generation  and surplus storage”, the system absorbs electricity at low valley period to support fast charging the storage battery and discharge to power the loads during peak periods, which alleviates the impact of charging station towards the power grid; utilizes the difference between peak and valley electricity prices to improve energy conversion efficiency and reduce electricity costs; supplements the system with photovoltaic power to effectively reduce the grid loading at charging stations during peak periods, improving system operating efficiency while providing auxiliary service functions for the grid.

Photovoltaic System

       Under the limited land resources, the integrated photovoltaic storage and charging station is built by using the nearby roof and parking lot canopy photovoltaic. Multiple PV modules are converged to the PV DC sink box and connected to the grid via PV inverters, and off-grid PV power generation system. Off-grid PV system effectively solves the problems of power generation, battery discharge, power supply and energy conversion of solar PV modules during transmission, guaranteed the reliability, efficiency, and safety of the whole system power generation, and enabled stable operation of power station

Energy Storage System

       The energy storage system has a battery compartment and an equipment compartment. The battery system uses a single cell as the smallest unit to form battery modules and battery clusters, and configures the battery capacity according to the actual needs of the site; the equipment compartment houses the energy storage converter (PCS), AC power distribution cabinet, DC power distribution cabinet, fire protection system and EMS & dynamic loop monitoring cabinet, etc. The energy storage system is connected to the system at the AC bus bar (AC BUS) to improve the efficiency of energy utilization and to balance the production and supply of the power system.


       The charging station interacts with the users by sweeping the code for charging. The charging system includes intelligent monitoring and intelligent metering. The intelligent controller of charging station has measurement, control, and protection functions for the charging pile, such as operation status detection, fault status detection and linkage control of charging and discharging process, etc.; the AC output is equipped with AC intelligent energy meter for AC charging metering, and has perfect communication function, which can upload the metering information to the charging controller and network operation platform through RS485 respectively. In addition, the charging power can be adjusted accordingly. The charging system has the input and output over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, leakage protection, grounding detection, over-temperature, and other protection functions. The protection level of Charging pile is IP54.



Customized power system 

Power system for Forest fire prevention monitoring

       We provide reliable AC power for forest fire prevention monitoring through solar, wind and diesel generator hybrid power system, which can work effectively under the complex ambient condition of wide area, high altitude, high cost of grid, etc.

Power system for Island Meteorological monitoring

       XT Power for Island Meteorological monitoring is a DC48V off-grid system, which can generate power by the wind resistant PV array as well as the backup diesel generator. It can provide reliable DC and single phase AC power to meteorological monitoring devices in uninhabited islands or household electricity in island garrison camp.

PV power supply for water pump  

   The Xintong solar water pumping system converts the DC power generated from photovoltaic panels into three-phase AC power to drive and control a standard three-phase asynchronous motor to achieve motor speed regulation. The system can be used in wells with a minimum diameter of 10cm (4 inches), and can also draw water from various lakes, ponds, and river canals, provides a fully automatic, unattended, environmental friendly, safe, and effective easy water supply solution for remote areas without power or unstable power supply.

       The company has continuous innovative scientific research capability, strong technical force, excellent product quality, perfect quality monitoring means and fast after-sales service response mechanism. The company has always been committed to solar, wind energy and other green energy core control technology product research and development, production, sales, installation, operation and maintenance services, is to provide off-grid, grid-connected, microgrid power solutions professional company. Provide wind, light, oil (generator) storage (battery) integrated hybrid energy control technology leading enterprises. Among them, integrated hybrid energy intelligent power control system solutions are widely used in telecom operators, petroleum, petrochemical, military, forest fire prevention, meteorology, earthquake monitoring, offline power generation or micro-grid power generation; Xintong also provides uninterrupted power supply systems suitable for tropical rain forests, deserts, islands and in cold, hot and high altitude areas. There are more than 30000 base stations running online around the world. The remote monitoring system of mixed energy provided by Xintong can realize unattended, on-line monitoring and product maintenance management. Solar water pump system is widely used in domestic water, farmland irrigation, barren mountain and desert management, landscaping and other fields; other solar products are widely used in municipal transportation, landscape lighting, industrial and agricultural facilities and other fields. The company’s products are marketed at home and abroad, with a high market share, good popularity and reputation.