Integrated Off-grid Power Controller(Micro-grid)

Product Description

      Xintong hybrid telecom power system integrates a variety of solar charger, wind charger, rectifiers, inverter and other energy conversion power modular 

with different specification in the Powercore, wall-mounted cabinets, or 19-inch standard cabinets, connects to solar panels, wind turbines, grid/D.G. It 

supports both lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. By the central control unit, it realizes the intelligent power supply and management from hybrid 

of solar energy, wind energy, grid/D.G and other energy.

Product Features

      XT Micro grid power solution is based on the Distributed Generation technology. It can make the power quality management modularized and decentralized, integrate power operation on the source and load.

     Xintong’s microgrid power system can not only efficiently convert each input energy while maintaining the stability of the grid, but its intelligent distributed

control management system can also ensure the priority and efficient use of renewable energy and fuel consumption in minimum (Especially suitable for 

remote/off-grid areas) to ensure stable, safe and reliable operation and energy supply of the entire system.

Product Specification

Product Series

Integrated Power Controller(Micro-grid)

Product Model

XB220N (N: Qty of Joint Cabinet)

Product Dimension

Cabinet 800*800*2000H*W*D

Output Capacity


Output Voltage


Com Interface

RS485/2G 3G 4G/Ethernet

Working Temp


Working Humidity



Working properly below 3000 meters, working by derating if higher than 5000 meters

Other Function

Intelligent Load Controller, Cabinet and battery temperature collection, battery temperature compensation, lightning protection, LLVD&BLVD, etc.