Integrated Off-grid Power Cabinet (Oil Industry)​

Production Description

     Xintong hybrid telecom power system integrates a variety of solar charger, wind charger, rectifiers, inverter and other energy conversion power 

modular with different specification in the Powercore, wall-mounted cabinets, or 19-inch standard cabinets, connects to solar panels, wind turbines, grid/D.G. It

supports both lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. By the central control unit, it realizes the intelligent power supply and management from hybrid of 

solar energy, wind energy, grid/D.G and other energy. 

      Petroleum and petrochemical power controllers adopt international petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas industry power supply standards, and are

suitable for applications  including oil and gas valve stations, monitoring valve stations, and wellhead power supply, etc

Product Features

 DC-DC independent voltage regulator type controller with fully modular structure

 Online complementation of multiple energy sources input with solar, wind and rectifier

 Superbly fine battery boost & floating charge management  

 Multi-level double backup of central controller

 Maximum photovoltaic power tracking (MPPT) efficiency 99%

Products meets domestic/international standard of petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas industries

 SCADA system connection

Product Type

 Indoor 19-inch standard cabinet

 Outdoor explosion-proof cabinet

 Wellhead power controller

 Customized hybrid power controller with single solar and generator.