Xintong successfully installed the unique sample communication base station in India that does not rely on oil.

In February 2012, the optoelectronic complementary communication power supply provided by Xintong for Indian communication operators was successfully opened, and the equipment adopted the on-line complementary power supply mode of solar energy-battery (above the limited threshold)-commercial grid-storage battery (limited value). Zero switching without delay provides reliable, convenient and economical green and environmentally friendly power for the stable work of communication equipment in the harsh and complex city power supply environment. Since the opening and operation, there has been no outage of the station, and the battery capacity has always been maintained at more than 65%, saving operating costs by more than 90% compared with the previous period, exceeding customer expectations, and solving problems that have not been solved by many cooperative manufacturers in the past, and customers are very satisfied.

Shaanxi Xintong will transform the commercial grid electricity + battery + D.G complementary base station into the city electricity + solar energy + battery complementary base station. The reformed system has the following advantages:

1. Solar MPPT patented technology is adopted to maximize the use of photovoltaic energy. And has an integrated optoelectronic control system, using solar energy-battery (above the limited threshold)-city electricity-battery (limit) on-line complementary power supply mode, zero switching without delay to ensure the maximum utilization of photovoltaic energy. 

2. Wide-width city electricity work, reliable output of 220V AC to ensure the safe operation of AC-DC rectifier equipment; 

3. Comprehensive monitoring and management, the system can be set parameters, operating data, working environment video can be remotely monitored and adjusted. 

4. Free of maintenance fees, green, pollution-free, noise-free. 

At present, Xintong has installed more than 20000 solar power supply systems in the fields of communications, meteorology, earthquake, surveying and mapping, with a maximum operation time of more than 15 years. This Indian base station is the 20114th solar power station.