Sola power solutions for border defense

   Photovoltaic power system of border garrison station

Application :

     This system is suitable for the border garrison stations with AC220V domestic power / AC380V power supply without power supply. The communication base stations and border garrison areas in remote no man-made areas need stable and reliable electric energy, so as to ensure the long-term online equipment of border defense stations, complete the efficient collection, transmission and utilization of information, so as to realize all-weather monitoring, constantly monitor border defense dynamics, and effectively ensure the security of border areas. At the same time, the life of the officers and soldiers in remote posts also needs the support of stable electric energy, including the use of living appliances and communication equipment.

The construction of micro grid photovoltaic power supply system at Xintong border garrison station can fully provide stable and reliable power supply for domestic electricity and power facilities, and meet the increasing power demand while ensuring economic investment and operation and maintenance cost control, and at the same time ensure the stability and reliability of power consumption.

     It adopts the hybrid energy system of light and oil storage, with high power supply stability. It makes full use of photovoltaic power generation to reduce fuel energy consumption. In continuous rainy days, the fuel engine can quickly supplement the battery power and ensure the power consumption of the equipment

     The intelligent load control unit is used in the system. According to the actual situation that the load demand changes greatly in different periods of time every day, according to the load change and system support capacity, the access of non critical load is dynamically adjusted to ensure the use of critical load, reduce the number of oil engine emergency start-up, maintain the use of battery, reduce the operation and maintenance and use cost, so as to make the system more reliable function


     The system supports the use of integrated container or integrated color steel plate room, and the solar energy cabinet, battery, oil engine and oil tank are loaded into the color board room, which greatly improves the winter heat preservation effect and system reliability

     The system can manage the optimal energy use function of photovoltaic charging module, automatically coordinate the priority and proportion of solar energy, battery, oil engine, etc., and adopt online complementary mode (the upper level of energy is insufficient, and the insufficient part is automatically supplemented by the next level), so as to ensure the proper use of battery energy

     The system supports on-site and remote control and adjustment of working parameters of each power module, and can manage and monitor battery insulation cover, cabinet temperature control equipment, oil engine start-up, load status and other peripheral auxiliary equipment