Telecom solar power solution

   Telecom solar power solution

     -48VDC telecom of cabinet solar power system


     Xintong cabinet-type integrated telecom and energy hybrid power system is widely used in more than 30 countries and regions.

There are large-scale and longtime applications in the coldest, hottest, wettest, driest, plateau, desert, island and other complex environment.

We provide stable and reliable power supply for telecom 、monitoring and other base station electrical equipment.

     Xintong cabinet-type integrated telecom hybrid power system adopts modular design. Through any combination with MPPT solar power modular, wind energy modular, rectifier modular, the hybrid power system can be customized. XT hybrid power system has more than 20 years large-scale usage records, and is widely suitable for various power supply occasions.

System features

  •     Full modular design structure
  •     Online complementarity of various energy sources input
  •     N + 1 online redundancy backup, high reliability
  •     MPPT
  •     DC-DC independent voltage regulator
  •     Superbly fine battery boost & floating charge management 
  •     Independent temperature compensation
  •     Multi-level double backup of central control software
  •     Integrated remote monitoring and control of system platform
  •     Can be customized for different scenarios