Distributed PV Anti-poverty Project-1.36MW

1.36MW Distributed PV Anti-poverty Project

     The photovoltaic anti- poverty project, located in Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, was built in 2016. It is the first megawatt-level distributed photovoltaic power generation project which constructed by Xintong company as EPC package. The total installed capacity of the project is reaching to 1.36MW, more than 4000 pcs 315WP high-efficienty monocrystalline solar modules are put into use, the solar array is located by GPS, the foundation pit is excavated with spiral rod equipment designed by our technical staff, and the traditional photovoltaic grid-tied bracket is installed in series,the measurement of cable trench digging and cable laying are very accurate , the project uses 24 units of inverters, two AC junction cabinets, and box-type transformers with SVG power compensation for grid access. The construction period of the whole project is about 60 days, with low construction cost and high efficiency. Since the completion of the construction, the project has run normally with high power generation efficiency, and has won win the favorable comment of customers.