Oil and Gas Project of China- Uzbekistan Pipeline

Oil and Gas Project of China- Uzbekistan Pipeline: 

       The China- Uzbekistan natural gas pipeline starts from Gadaim on the Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan border and ends in Hajenkuduk on the Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan border. The gas sources come from Turkmenistan Kangzen gas field (Line A) and PetroChina Amhe Natural Gas Company (Line B). The length of the main pipeline of Line C is 530km. The SCADA system of the whole line includes two compressor stations and one metering station. Among the 23 monitoring valve rooms, Xintong undertook the construction of solar power supply systems for 4 of the 23 RTU block valve stations in 2013. the 4 block valve stations were equipped with photovoltaic machines with large capacity, all above 30KW, and adopted Xintong newly developed optoelectronic integrated control cabinets with a total design capacity of more than 2000A and two standard cabinet widths of 1.2m wide. The development, assembly and installation of the whole system took less than 3 months, which fully reflects the innovative R & D and system integration capability of Xintong Company.