Industrial Products

Industrial Products

Industrial green energy products, concerning following industries: Telecom, Petrol pipeline, Meteorological and earthquake monitoring…ECT.

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Solar Controllers

Solar Controllers (8)

Solar power controller is divided into Wall-mounted controller and Cabinet Hybrid Controlling System, as different application.

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Wind Controllers

Wind Controllers (1)

Horizontal deployment wind power module is main products for Wind power controller.

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Central Control Module

Central Control Module (2)

Central control module is a monitor & manage devices specialized at controlling the whole xintong integrated controller.

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Rectifier Module

Rectifier Module (2)

Rectifier module has two voltage grade, they are AC 110V and AC 220V, which is designer for connecting the DG generator and Grid power.

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Sine Waves Inverter Module

Sine Waves Inverter Module (4)

The principle for inverter is that it can transfer the DC power into AC power.

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DC-DC Module

DC-DC Module (2)

DC-DC module is a modular voltage-stabilization power switch, specifically used in special application.

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ATS Module

ATS Module (1)

ATS module is applied to control the converting between DG generator and grid power. ATS module has a wide application in the system of hybrid solar-Grid power.

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Software (0)

The software remotely control and manage the monitoring platform, it enhances the ability of real-time data monitoring and increase the operator’s maintenance capacity.

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