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Less than 48V

Trouble shooting:

1. Load power is too large, output current is over the design range.

Solution: decease the load power or increase the controller power capacity.

2. Charging current is too big caused by broken battery.

Solution: Cut off battery switch, testing the port voltage of each pcs of battery (normal voltage value for 2V battery is between 2.10V-2.23V), If the voltage difference>2.0V, it tells the battery is damage, we should cut off the power and change the battery.

3. Successive raining/non-wind day, shortage voltage appears as battery bank can’t be fully charged.

Solution: Shut off loads, restart after charging to a normal value.

4. PV panel is covered by snow or by ash, wind turbine stopped to run as no wind, or input cable is crack, which brings out input energy reduction ( when solar sunshine/ wind power is normal, the solar power system output should be more than 14A/kw, Wind motor system should be more than 10A/kw).

Solution: Input current < 14A/kw (solar power system) or 10A/kw (wind turbine system), then:

(1). Checking the input voltage of PV/ wind turbine, for example: voltage is zero, then we can tell PV joint part/ Wind turbine cable is loose or input cable is crack.

(2). Exclude PV coverage, checking the cable betweens solar arrays; checking the cables of wind turbine and other fault.

Less than 24, loads are not cut off automatically

Troubleshooting: Controller is damage and loses the function of automatically cutting off the loads

Solution: change the controller

Output voltage>58V


1. Controller is damage

Solution: change the controller

2. Error on display

Solution: Detecting the output voltage value by accurate instrument, if the tested value isn’t conforming to display value, please contact supplier (if the output voltage is under normal range, system still works normally.) 

Output voltage is normal, PV/ wind turbine input voltage value is out of normal range (normal input voltage range is 60-110V/60-250V)

Troubleshooting: Displayer screen is damage or inside circuit is broken.

Solution: Contact supplier (if output voltage is in normal range, system still can work normally.)


1. No connect to battery banks 

Solution: Connect with battery banks

2. The connection to battery banks is loose or cable is disconnected.

Solution: checking and tighten the battery port or cable.

3. The air switch of battery on controller is off

Solution: connect the battery air switch.

4. Voltage of battery banks is lower than 48.5V, Relay deployed inside of controller is disconnected.

Solution: Switch off load switch, reconnect the battery switch. At the same time, we can hear a sound of joining attached by output reply installed inside controller. When the battery is fully charged to 55.2V, the system cuts off the switch for loads and supply the power normally.

5. The display fault on controller.

Solution: Contact supplier (in the condition that other parameters are normal, the error has no influence on load operation.)

6. Output switch of controller is not connected.

Solution: Connect with output switch of controller.


1. Controller is broken

Solution: Measure the output voltage, if the data is zero, the controller should be replaced.

2. The switch for load is not close

Solution: Close the load switch.

3. The binding post is loose or the cable of the load is cut off.

Solution: Checking and repair.

4. Load doesn’t work

Solution: In the event of load works normally, turn on the load switch, making the load working normally.

5. Display for controller is broken.

Solution: Contact supplier (in the condition that other parameters are normal, the error has no influence on load operation.)


1. Surrounding temperature is out of limit of the standard value (the normal surrounding temperature for controller is -10-55°C.)

Solution: User should use the controller under the standard working condition.)

2. Ventilation is improper around the controller.

Solution: Checking the surrounding and remove the heat source or obstruction, keeping the good ventilation condition.

3. Components inside wind turbine are broken.

Solution: Notify the supplier to change a new component.

4. Display for controller is fault.

Solution: contact supplier.


1. Battery voltage is less than 43V.

2. When battery voltage is less than 44V and doesn’t restore to 48.5V.

Solution: Immediately cut off load and connect to the load when battery is charged to 55.2V.