Green energy-saving technology trial project, Xintong participated and issued the solution for creative WSD green sites, at present the project runs well in Xinjiang & Hainan Province. This project firstly adopts DC-DC WSD hybrid control method in domestic telecom industry, on the premise it conduct the energy emission, getting rid of the reply on the weather, so as to continue to supply the sites.

China Telecom Standard Association is an organization of combining enterprises & public institutions to carry on the research on telecom standard in principle of justice, impartial, honest, demonstrating hi-tech, hi-level, hi-quality standards to the whole world. As a Solar Controller standard drafter, Xintong seriously discussed the industrial standard of the solar power controller with other supplier, such as, National Telecom Research Academy, Guangzhou Zhujiang Telecom Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, China Mobile Telecom Group, Emerson Network Company, Huawei.

According to “Hi-tech Enterprise Entitle Management” related rules regulated by national ministry, by Shaanxi Provincial working leading group experts combined by Shaanxi Provincial Science & Technology Ministry, Financial Ministry, National Revenue Bureau and Local Tax Bureau. After the authentication, Xintong will have a special tax favor exclusively provided for Hi-tech knowhow enterprise, and will have more supportive favor from government on technical patent declaration & policy.

National key new product plan (brief as new plan) is the important part to consist into S&T industrialization construction in National Science & Technology Plan, which is a policy oriented plan. Xintong gained the 2008-2009 National Key New Product Plan depending on independent intellectual property & innovative product XST48-100B type solar intelligent power control system, will benefit from the supportive policy in the form of subsidy of certain loan interest concerning some part of item in New Product Plan.