Bangladesh Market Survey Review

The International Development Department personnel recently went to Bangladesh for a business visit. During Dhaka, Banglalink, the second largest operator in Bangladesh, conducted an in-depth exchange on the new integrated base station power system, and then inspected its photovoltaic base station near the capital.


Pic 1: Meeting at Banglalink HQ

The owner is very interested in the XT’s intelligent integrated base station communication power solution and hopes to do a pilot in Banglalink.


Pic 2. BTS Site Survey

During this period, XinTong also entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Engreen, the largest private energy service leader in Bangladesh, to jointly develop a specialized new energy market and create value for local people and businesses.

Pic 3: Signing MoU


Xintong intelligent integrated system has many features such as economy, extended battery life, safety and reliability, and easy maintenance.

Economical: In the case of the same effect, it can reduce the amount of solar panels by more than 10%, reduce the floor space of the site, reduce the infrastructure, improve the wind resistance, and reduce the cost of solar power by more than 10%.

Extend battery life: If you do not reduce the solar energy configuration, you can output more than 30% of the electric energy, which provides a prerequisite for the battery pack to be fully flushed and reduce the battery under-discharge. In addition, the system is in various aspects to the battery pack. Accurate management of charge and discharge ensures battery performance and life (over 50% longer).

Reliability: The working mode of modular multi-level backup greatly improves the reliability of the system, ensures the stable operation of the load, and provides convenience for maintenance and repair.

Easy maintenance: The user history of the past 20 years shows that under the same configuration, Xintong Solar System can effectively reduce the failure rate caused by insufficient light by more than 75%. It plays a key role in reducing the workload of maintenance personnel and reducing maintenance costs.

Xintong Intelligent International Development Team provides reliable power supply systems for global users and intermediaries. For enquiries, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research and development of high-quality and high-efficiency green energy products, and long-term protection of the green hills, blue water and white clouds of the global village!



Dear customers and partners

With the rapid and healthy development of company, especially for the expansion of operation scales, our original company offices can’t meet the requirement of development. From November 13, 2014 to November 20, 2014, our company will move to a new office site addressed at Biyuan No.2 Road, Hi-Tech Zone, Xi’an City. Our new company office has a good location and beautiful environment with a total 25,000㎡ construction area, good for the promotion of company image and further development of business.

Thanks to the long term support and collaboration from all friends, we are offering our sincere appreciation to all friends on the occasion of company moving to a new site. Meantime, we are also feeling sorry for bringing you inconvenience during the company movement.

We will take the new company office as the new starting point, Dedicated to providing more satisfactory services and cooperation for distinguished customers and partners

Read more: Announcement for Company New office Site

On March 7, 2014 three technical engineers of our long-term partner-A.Rustel, Russia came to visit Xintong and exchanged the technology. Engineers expressed well-performed Xintong solar power system will have a prosperous marketing in Russia & CIS. Furthermore, A.Rustel would like to gradually strength the sales to expand more green energy products to Russia market, Tadzhikistan, Kazakhstan…or other neighbour countries. Engineers was hopeful that Xintong can design new-type Hi-Tech products conforming to their demands in future. Xintong showed our sincere shoring up on their suggestion and will promise to make all endeavors to research customized products to meet all customer’s needs.

On January, 2014 Mr. Asleep & CEO Mr. Prasad, India FHTBL signed a cooperation agreement with Xintong and discussed the solar power system promotion in Indian market, hope to build up a long-term partnership with Xintong, benefit mutually. Bilateral cooperation will enhance the business development of green energy in India and bring a prosperous future for each other.

On 2013 November Mr. Popov, Russia Ascotech visited new manufacture base and commercially discussed the business in future. Mr. Yangge introduced the advantages of new products and MPPT patent, battery charging management…Customers were delighted by looking around the workshop and research department. The other day, customers visited the new manufacturing base in hi-tech park. The meeting enhanced the mutual understanding and fasten the forthcoming cooperation, and build up a long term stable friendly commercial relationship.