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XX55U model wall-mounted solar controller integrates the latest MPPT technology(Maximum Power Point Tracking), which can keep working always at the peak power point of PV array to acquire more solar energy for the system. XX55U model wall-mounted solar controller optimized the process of battery charging,  prolonged the lifespan of battery and improved the system efficiency.

With complete self-testing functions and fully electronical self-protection,  it can effectively avoid the dangers caused by wrong installation and systematic malfunctions. XX55U model wall-mounted solar controller has various communication ports and terminal ports to monitor the battery temprature and voltage, which can meet users' different requirements with different application conditions.

XX55U model wall-mounted solar controller is featured as below:

1.With Maximum Power Point Tracking  (MPPT)function, efficiency improved 30% compared with Non-MPPT solar controller.

2. DC-DC control technology, independent voltage stabilization function, smooth and accurate control on battery charging and discharging,  prolonging the lifespan of battery 50%-100% .

3. Can be hybrid with wind, grid and diesel generator, the energy input sequence can be set on site.

4. Complete and detailed display and storage function of system operation parameters, it can be stored for 5 consecutive years's working and alarm datas.

Controllable of 5600Wp solar PV array,  simple installation, independently adjustable.

Suitable to small-sized telecom BTS, relay station and reliable facilities in the fields of meterology, earthquake, petroleum, forest and military, can power the loads lesss than 600W for 3 consecutive rainy days.

Utilizing surplus energy to power the external affiliated loads, automatically adjusting the temprature of machine room, cool in summer, warm in winter. 

For multi-energy hybrid use, the energy is selected to input by sequence of solar-wind-grid-diesel generator-battery. When energy at superior level is inadequate, energy at the next level will top up automatically, it also can be set according to customer's requirements.

It can work independently without connection to battery with normal sunshine conditions, facilitating the maintenance (operation should be strictly subject to instruction or call us for help )

With no person on duty, MTBF >200000hours.

Additional Info

  • Input Voltage: 60-150V
  • Output Standard Voltage: -48V
  • Output Voltage Range: -42--60V
  • Output Current: 0-100A
  • Norminal Power: 5000W
  • Max.PV Input: 5600W
  • Efficiency: 92%-96%
  • Working Temprature: -25-70°C
  • Humidity: ≤98%
  • Dimension: 510×298×550mm
  • Weight: 33.5kG
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