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XD24CB model central control module is the monitoring and controlling device, specially designed for Xintong cabinet integrated controllers, which can set up and display the datas in Chinese, English and  Russian and can manage 256 different control modules at most. With RS485/RS232 communication port, datas can be uploaded to the higher-level centralized monitoring and management platform by adaptable remote wireless modular and optical interface.

XD24CB central control modular is featured as below:

1. Central Control, 16 ways automatic detecting;

2. 240x128 pixel display, accurate display of 55 parameters of each modules, such as voltage, current, power, battery capacity, equipment temperature and so on.

3.Storage of operational parameters and alarm data for 5~10 years; 

4.standard RS232 interface, available with GPRS wireless interface, convenient data uploading, online upgrading of controlling software.

Xintong intelligent integrated cabinet-type controller can be assembled flexibly by different functional modulars to control multi-energy hybrid power utilization, suitable to small-zized telecom BTS stations, relay stations and repeaters with rich solar and wind energy or  highly reliable facilities in the fields of meteorological and earthquake supervision, petroleum, agriculture, military and so on. When the controller is fully equipped with modules, the system can power loads no more than 300W.With abundant power, the system can power some subsidiary facilities, Hnd realizes automatic temperature control, heating in winter and cooling in summer. For hybrid power utilization, energy input order: solar-wind-grid-DG-battery, when energy at the superior lever is inadequate, energy at the next level will automatically switch in. the order can also be chosen.

With normal sunshine and wind speed, the system can work without battery, which is convenient for maintenance while the project is still operating (please abide to the instructions or call for information).

Automatic system with no person on duty, MTBF more than 200000 hours.

Additional Info

  • Input Voltage: 21.5-27.6V
  • Working Temprature: -25-70°C
  • Humidity: ≤98%
  • Dimension: 483×133×114mm
  • Weight: 3kG
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