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XMD22040 ATS power supply controller is featured as below:

1. the control parameter of ATS module can be smoothly adjustable on site or remotely.

2. have manual and automatic operational mode.

3. Central control management module can be controllable by integrated power.

4. It is adjustable and controllable by Xintong remote monitor system.

5. Solar and genset integrated controlled modules, energy can be directly input, unified control and online supplimentary.

6. With MPPT function, efficiency improved 30% compared with Non-MPPT controllers.

7. DC-DC control technology, independent voltage stabilization function, smooth and accurate control of battery charging and discharging, battery lifespan can be prolonged 50%-100%.

8. Can be hybrid with wind, grid and diesel generator, N+1 mode combination design. 

Suitable to telecom BTS with different kinds of loads, or high reliable facilities in the fields of meterological, earthquake, petroleum, angriculture and military. For hybrid power use,  power input by the sequence of solar-wind-grid-genset-battery, achieving accurate DC -DC voltage convertion.

Automatic devices with no person on duty, MTBF more than 200000 hours.

Additional Info

  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Output Standard Voltage: 220V
  • Output Current: 0-40A
  • Working Temprature: -25-70°C
  • Humidity: ≤98%
  • Dimension: 483×133×353mm
  • Weight: 8kG
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