The distributed rooftop photovoltaic project of Shaanxi Huashan Semiconductor Material Co., ltd

[Project site] The project site is located on the factory rooftop of Shaanxi Huashan Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd,  in Xi'an High-tech Zone, Shaanxi Province. Choosing a combination of PV and buildings and constructing rooftop PV systems according to local conditions is a good demonstration for the wide application of PV systems.

[Design ideas ] The project is subject to the building structure, available areas and the layout of solar panels, using 1486 pcs of 200Wp solar mono panels. The power project was divided into three sub-systems with  100Kw each and connected to the 400V busbar via 3 units of  grid-connected inverters respectively.

[Installation] The solar panels for rooftop systems are generally mounted with the best tilt angle.This project was installed according to architecture structure of the building: As the rooftop of the factory is steel-concrete structure, the solar panels were installed with the best 30° tilt angle , because the height of rooftop surface is partly different, in order to use the rooftop areas efficiently, some of the panels were installed with 40° angle. For office building area, the solar panels were paved on the rooftop with an 20° angle according to its architecture structure and appearance design.

[Power yield] As the capacity and mouting angle for each sub systems is different,  the power yield for each sub systems should be calculated respectively.  With the system efficiency 80% and annual 0.8% attenuation, this 300kwp rooftop project can produce 350,000kwh electricity on average each year and can be used for 1376.2 hours. 

[Economic benefit] According to the electricity price and governmental subsidy, the financial internal rate of return for this project is 13.8%, the period of investment return is 7.6 year, having a good economic benefits.

[Social benefit] It is estimated that this project can save 84000kg standard coal each year, reduce 21000kg carbon emission,  179000kg carbon dioxide, 1700kg Sulfur dioxide, which is good to improve climate enviroment and prevent pollution.