On April, 9th, 2014, China's National Energy Bureau released the notice on Electric power business licence management, which stipulates that any enterprises, units or individuals who engaged in the solar PV project with the capacity 6MW below do not require to get the power generation license approval. 

On August 22, 2013, the National Energy Bureau and National Development Bangk jointly issued  the advice on financial service  and support to distributed photovoltaic power generation.  The National Development Banl actively provide financial support for all types of distributed PV project investors. Investors who meet the loan eligibility can apply directly for the support of credit funds from the National Development Bank; Enterprises and natural persons who do not meet the loan conditions of the National Development Bank also will be supported by other ways. The National Development Bank mainly provide long-term loans and other diversified credit products like short-term loans and working capital loans to distributed photovoltaic power generation projects , the loan term is 15 years up. For key customers' investment projects and national demonstration projects,  differentiated price can be implemented. 

On September 1, 2013, the price department of National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on to promote the healthy development of  PV industry by taking advantage of the price leverage effects. The subsidy quotas about electricity generatedby distributed PV project was defined at RMB 0.42  / kWh, the surplus electricity can be purchased by grid company as per the sales price of local coal-fired electricity , which is more than the Internet for personal use electricity from coal-fired units in accordance with local grid companies benchmark tariff acquisitions. Electricity for personal use is free from various additional tarrif and fees.

On November 18, 2013, the National Energy Bureau issued the notice on Interim Management Rules on distributed photovoltaic power generation projects,  which pointed out that the subsidy fund and electricity bill for subsidized project shall be transferred and paid by the grid companies on monthly basis. 

On November 26, 2013, the National Energy Bureau formally issued the notice on Interim supervison rules on  photovoltaic power generation operations. In the interim supervison rules, the contents that supervised and regulated by governments Include photovoltaic projects operation entity licensing approval for grid companies, photovoltaic power quality; grid supporting construction; grid-connection services;  photovoltaic power purchase and sales contracts and grid-connection agreement signing, execution and filing; power dispatch agency priority, electricity purchase by grid companies; photovoltaic grid-connection operation and maintenance; electricity yield and grid electricity metering; settlement of photovoltaic electricity bill and subsidies payment etc. All details were specified in the Interim Management Rules.

On December 16, 2013, China's State grid company completed the guideline and norms of  grid-connection for distributed photovoltaic power generation(revised edition), Firstly, distributed solar PV grid-connected power generation is a photovoltaic power facility, which is constructed nearby where the users are located and most of the power generated by the system is consumed by users, only the surplus power can be sold to public grid, moreover, it can be adjusted in the power distribution network. Secondly, grid companies will provide filing service for natural individual's distributed pv projects and make project registration at the local energy administration on monthly basis, Thirdly, gid companies provide electricity metering and subsidy settlement for distributed photovoltaic power projects, the subsidies will be paid to project owner on regular basis by grid company according to electricity bill. Fourthly, some amendments was made on grid connection service time, for 10kv and 6MW distributed proejcts, the service time was downsized to 40 days prior to 45 days, for grid connection with 35Kv or 10Kv voltage class and installed capacity more than 6 MW, the service time is extended to 50 days prior to 45 days. The revised edition took effect from December, 1, 2013.