1. Policy guarantee

Electricity generated by distributed PV power systems is subsidized by central government with the standard of RMB0.42/Kwh. Besides this , it is also subsidized by local governments. The period of subsidy  is 20 years, the users are encouraged to construct the distributed pv power system with the principle of "Self-consumption, the surplus sold to grid and adjusted by grid".


2. The return on investment: Tarrif subsidy+electricity sales income

Industrial and commercial users:                         Residential users

Annual yield:  15%-20%                                      Annual yield: 8%-12%

Period of cost recovery:4-6 year                         Period of cost recovery: 8-10 year

Lifespan of products: 25 year                              Lifespan of product: 25 year


3. Grid-feeding with parity price

In china, the electricty price is made according to diiferent electricty consumption stages but,, the electricity price is steady in general. It doesn't need to worry about the price rising in the future after installed distributedpv power systems.


4. Relief on power shortage

With the economic rapid development, the power consumption keeps rising all the time.So, It is the effective way to install distributed pv power system to ease the power shortage.


5.Environmental protection and emission reduction

For 1MW distributed PV power system, it can produce total 26 million kilowatts of electrcity in 25 years, which is equivalent to save 10,000 tons of standard coals, reduced 26,000 tons of carbon emission, planting 50,000 trees.