Xintong insists “Select talent by their merit, moral & talent integrity” as its talent hunting philosophy

Our talent hunting standard: moral & talent integrity

Firstly, “Moral”

1. diligent dedication on duty. Generous thoughts and wide insight, employee should combine a strong entrepreneur spirit with a highly honest & reposeful mentality.

2. Correct personal values. Honest, selfless, fairness. Advocate the theory “you reap what you sow”, we always look down upon someone benefits from other’s toil and greedy, all members in our enterprise should believe in deserved payback by own endeavor.

3. Teamwork spirit, regard overall interests as importance, As a member of whole team everyone should collaborate with others, take care of overall target instead of personal benefit.

Secondly, “Talent”

1. Excellent specialization acknowledge and skills. It is the primary requirement on ability of each of employee.

2. Explicit goal. In the premise of obeying with various regulations issued by company, employee properly understands the board’s decision and carries on works creatively concerning development target.

3. Objective analyzing ability and independent crisis treatment skills. Even if under any complicated situation, employee should accurately estimate on duties they will conduct, meanwhile finish it independently.

4. Practical creation. With unique insight & impeccable thought system, innovative rationalization advice is exerted out and comes into actual action scheme.

5. Vigorous struggle. Employee is capable to jointing the short target with long-term target, striving to improve the working performance continuously, who is proactive and dares to take on risk and pressure with unremitting effort and constant innovative approach to ensure the completion of duty.

6. Communication & leader ability. Skilled negotiation, open mind, To achieve the purpose of finishing the duty smoothly through communication, further which turn into personal ability on leader. Talent must encourage subordinates to realize personal & duty goal. Able to make higher performance criteria to allow subordinates to take responsibility on own duty and assist them to improve professional skills and ways. 

7. Study ability. Learn a lesson & conclude an experience, to make progress from learning; be able to update acknowledge structure, be able to study new skills.

Set up a talent hunting philosophy “make an emphasis on capability instead of identity; emphasized on achievement instead of seniority; emphasized on record instead of education background; emphasized on passion instead of experience; regards personality charm instead of authority”, aiming at build up a talent system “talent employ, fostering, growing, guiding”

Talent Employ: namely, to establish scientific mechanism of choose and employ, everyone has a equal competition opportunity: mighty chance for capabilities and laid off for incompetents.

Talent Fostering: formulate a set of systematic training plan, we focally stress on two aspects: 1. Hierarchical training schedule, by taking multi-level ways and methods on different objects, to eradicate “one-pot procedure”. As for different level, we put forward different training methods. 2. Focus on multi-mode, multi-channel training style. Encourage employees to self-study.

Talent Growing: that is, how to retain real talents, mainly includes below sides:

1.) Liberal wages must be competitiveness, but not the highest.

2.) Fair employ, main purpose- don’t let the honest suffer deceiving.

3.) Career prospect, business development, company income is rising. Employee can feel company and their career prospect.

4.) Shareholding, promise employees to hold the shares and options, make employees and enterprise to form a common interests and by it to motivate staff’s enthusiasm utmostly.

5.) Empressement. Sincerely treat staffs as friends

Talent Guiding: Scheme a set of practical talent strategy. Mainly starting from the following aspects:

1.) To create a good working conditions. Try to use a specialized staff related to their major, exert their merit, struggle to supply self-improving opportunity.

2.) To create a perfect human-power conditions. Respect talents, care for staffs, forge a challenging work surrounding, exercise all staffs having a sense of taking duty and mission, and produce a forthcoming human resources conditions with a slogan of “appreciate, position, promotion”, make talents having a strong belong and pride to our company.

3.) Create a perfect living condition. Solve the difficulty for talents, full of kindness by urging soft impetus to use talent feasibly and utilize their capability.

4.) Create a good promotion condition.