January--Shaanxi Xintong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd was initially established


Xintong was entitled with Hi Technology Knowhow Enterprise by Shaanxi Science and Technology Institute, 6,600 telecom sites successfully launch on telecom site. Independent research core technology is Solar Intelligent Power.

Xintong Products was authorized by Provincial Technology & Science Award & Xi’an Science & Technology Award and also passed the testing conducted by National Quality Testing Centre, Electricity & Electronics Quality Supervision Bureau.


First Solar MPPT Telecom BTS intelligent controller was researched by Xintong successfully in china, and it passed the strict testing conducted by Telegram Industry Quality Center, National Information & Industry Ministry. Awarded with national patent and enterprise standard register, All parameters exceeded over other competitors from abroad. 


Xintong enhanced itself to a higher level.

In China Telecom sector, Xintong is the only company which won all bids during the centralized purchasing process in 2008; In the same year, company defeated other competitors and gained more tenders in all provinces.


Xintong deployed nearly 2000 sets of green BTS systems for 3 biggest operator BTS in china, Overall installed solar power capacity is 10MW, wind power capacity is 500KW, A total of17,000 sets solar power systems were applied. Xintong made a big contribution to cut down the customer’s expenditure and fully win the favor from customers.


Sales increasing rate was boosted more than 50% high speed reply on the strong technology and excellent quality. We actively explore the international market, Solar pump & Solar power controller already was sold to South-East Asia, on July, 2010 xintong signed a big-sum strategy cooperation agreement with customer from Pakistan. Until now, We have carried on the technical exchange with notable global operator—Vodafone & Telefonica.


MPPT solar power submarine water pump which self-developed by Xintong exclusively passed the authorized testing and product design finalization authentication  conducted by domestic professional testing organization, Xintong was entitled with the first Knowhow Hi-tech Enterprise in Shannxi Province with 5 authorized national patents and 2 registered enterprise standards, one updated industrial telecom standard was published and its content coupled with Xintong enterprise standard as chief resource. In this year, we obtained the international standard ISO9001:2008 and CE certificate. Total number of deployed sites dramatically increases to 20,000 sets of solar hybrid power systems.


Xintong has 4 types, almost 103 varieties of green energy products such as, solar-wind power intelligent control system, solar pump, Various green power project not only expanded to china mainland, but also was exported to Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

25,000 square meters new factory is finished. Our international market expands to new markets in the Tajikistan, India, America, Russia, Germany, Iran…etc, Xintong solar controller was widely sold to 5 continents around global, All running sites rise up to be as high as 22,000 sets. 


Xintong products  access to emerging market-in the Somaliland, Iran, Peru, Turkey and Brazil, Overseas green sites highly surpass to 2000 sites. All installed solar power systems rapidly develop to 24,451 sets over the world


Our domestic marketing share rate significantly achieves to 45%;We are the leader in offering our products to all operators in Mongolia and Middle-Asia district; In February, 2014 we took part in MWC & CTIA exhibition and gained much renowned reputation. In coming days we promise we will consistently contribute ourselves to spread xintong solar power system to more potential districts around global. Until the end of this year, Xintong excellently perform 25,000 solar power systems. 

2015 …

Upcoming business years, Xintong global agency is wanted

Xintong will deliver more reliable solar power systems to customers.